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Kathryn began learning Tarot, Palm and handwriting analysis at a young age and in 2000 decided to make what had been a hobby for friends and family into something more. She did a tour of state fairs which gave her a wide range of experience and in 2001 Mystic Kathryn was born.

About 5 years ago she developed her own style of readings now named Pucker Up Impressions™ The Official Lip Print Readings (Also know as lip print or lip stick readings) and this is her current passion.

“Giving readings has helped me learn so much over the years. I’ve had people come to me and tell me that I helped them through difficult times in their lives and that has given me the drive and desire to continue.”

Readings available include:

Palm (strolling or seated)
Aura (strolling or seated)
Face (strolling or seated)
Tarot or Cartomancy (seated only)
Handwriting Analysis (seated only)
Rune Stone (seated only)
Pucker Up Impressions™ The Official Lip Print Readings

*This reader does not offer private readings.

Contact her at: MysticKathryn@yahoo.com or tel 469.438.5010



Stacey first did professional work at the Cafe Brazil on Oak Lawn in Dallas, TX. Her talents in Palm readings have been passed down from generation to generation. She has been a valued member of the Mystic Kathryn team since 2007, with rave client reviews. Her upbeat personality and accuracy are unmatched!

*This reader does not offer private readings.




Eric's talent's in Palm and Tarot have been passed down from one generation to another. His ability to make people feel at ease and his accuracy with detailed readings make him a favorite with Mystic Kathryn clients. You may have seen him giving a reading or two at the Improv Comedy Club in Addison, TX before a Magic Show.

*Eric does currently offer private readings.


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